A fresh take on the qi pao by Malaysian designer Khoon Hooi

Intricate embroidery on checks, chevron on jersey, lace on satin and silk, as well as the use of rich brocades. The marriage of luxurious fabrics and patterns are present throughout the latest Khoon Hooi designs for the Lunar New Year.

The qi pao’s feminine silhouette is further enhanced by the Malaysian designer with scallop details, while exaggerated sleeves on a modern straight cut keep the look clean and structured.

Two distinct motifs that stand out in the collection are the use of flowers that have a revered place in Chinese art and culture. The peony symbolises the ideal female beauty, while the lotus is often referred to as a sign of perfection.

As the finishing touch, the “pankou” – traditional buttons of the qi pao, is reworked as bejwelled florals or kept simple in a delicate strand. With vibrant colours and embroidery, the collection is unmistakably Khoon Hooi.


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