New Straits Times: Khoon Hooi's sustainable bucket hat

New Straits Times: Khoon Hooi's sustainable bucket hat

The bucket hat is one of the classic accessories that makes its cameo in fashion trends once in a while and one of the most popular pop culture references for it is the sitcom Giligan's Island.

A character from the show famously dons a khaki bucket hat throughout the series and since then it has made its leap from the TV screens to the fashion world.

The hats are functional enough to disguise bad hair days but also cute and stylish to spice up an outfit.

Khoon Hooi has jumped on the trend and created its own sustainable version called the Khoon Hooi Giligan bucket hat.

Made from upcycled fabrics from the brand's archives that's lined with breathable cotton, the hats also come with a size adjuster.

There are three options in this collection; the Aceno in dark green, Columbine in dark blue and Damask in red.

Each is priced at RM180 and is available at Khoon Hooi stores at APW Bangsar Kuala Lumpur, Mandarin Oriental Hotel and online at

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