New Straits Times: Rescuing unused fabrics for fashion

New Straits Times: Rescuing unused fabrics for fashion

FASHION waste is a known fact. Fast fashion, in particular, contributes significantly to landfills around the world.

This has prompted many brands and designers to take a more sustainable and meaningful approach to their work.

One of the local designers who has embraced this concept is Khoon Hooi, who has unveiled Fugeelah by Khoon Hooi, Leftover, Not Left Out with the aim of addressing fabric waste and re-purpose fashion.

The collaboration between Henry and Khoon Hooi has resulted in a collection for conscious shoppers to make meaningful choices.

The collection turns clothing and textile waste into fashion-forward statements by up-cycling and reusing fabrics.

Fugeelah by Khoon Hooi, Leftover, Not Left Out is a collaboration between social entrepreneur Deborah Henry and the designer, where sustainability has been woven into fashion.

Every accessory is made entirely from leftover fabrics from Khoon Hooi's collections over the past 10 years.

"The textile industry has had a reputation for waste for years. Leftover, Not Left Out is a step towards a more sustainable approach," shares Henry, the founder of Fugeelah, a lifestyle accessory social enterprise that supports the sustenance of the Fugee School for refugee children.

Henry has been actively championing the rights of refugee children in Malaysia to equal education. Fugeelah started as a fundraising project to help keep education free for refugee children and youth at the Fugee School and today has grown into a busy lifestyle accessories brand.

These bags are made of leftover fabrics


She explains that by rethinking what many would consider waste, this collaboration breathes new life into leftover fabrics that may otherwise end up in a landfill. Instead, they have been turned into something that can be used.

This vibrant and quirky limited-series collection includes pieces such as the Little C (a cocktail bag), Big C (an adjustable crossbody bag) and the Multiway Twilly.

Each piece is unique, with different types of lining depending on the fabrics used.

"With this line, we not only get to up-cycle fabrics that have been sitting on shelves for years but also do our part to help empower refugee children in Malaysia," says Khoon Hooi.

All proceeds from the Fugeelah by Khoon Hooi line will be channelled back to refugee families through the Fugee School.

Henry says conscious shoppers can make meaningful choices with their purchases – to make them count, to make them matter and to make a change.

"Fugeelah by Khoon Hooi, Leftover, Not Left Out offers a solution in fashion while appealing to your philanthropic nature," she adds.

The collection is available exclusively at

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